A lot of people with bone or joint issues are unsure when to seek help. They often do not know where to turn for reliable information and guidance. In an effort to clarify these concerns, the best orthopedician in South Kolkata has answered some of the most prevalent questions related to orthopedic surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions on Orthopedic Health

1. How do I know that I must see an orthopedic surgeon?

Some of the common signs that necessitate a visit to an orthopedic doctor and indicate deteriorating orthopedic health are as follows:

  • Excruciating pain in joints
  • Limited mobility
  • Increased stiffness and swollen joints
  • Slow recovery from injuries

If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, seeking medical help will help you understand the severity of your condition and know the treatment options available.

2. How long does it take to recover from orthopedic surgery?

The timeframe of recovery following surgery depends on various factors, including the extent and location of the surgical procedure. For major surgeries, staying under constant medical supervision, whereas minor surgeries enable a faster recovery.

The nature of the surgery also determines the recovery timeline. Operations that involve cutting into bone or tissue, such as knee replacement, typically take more time to recover. Similarly, more critical surgeries or those encompassing multiple areas of the body, like total hip replacement, may necessitate a longer recovery duration to ensure thorough healing and restoration.

3. Can I go back to living a normal life post-surgery?

Leading a normal life post-orthopedic surgery is quite possible. Orthopedic doctors from the best hospital in South Kolkata will explain the dos and don’ts during the recovery phase to you. Following your doctor’s instructions is paramount for optimal results. Prioritizing your body’s well-being and maintaining fitness are crucial aspects of the recovery process. Avoid performing exercises or strenuous activities that may cause injury or pain in your body.

4. Are orthopedic surgeries expensive?

Orthopedics offer different treatment options for addressing bone and joint issues. This includes treatments like total knee or total shoulder replacement, hip surgery, and conducting spinal fusions like cervical fusion. Each of these treatments differ in their cost.

For instance, knee replacement surgery will be more expensive than spine fusions. The former’s cost depends on factors like the type of knee replacement and the age of the patient. The latter’s cost is determined based on factors like the severity of one’s condition and the number of vertebrae being fused.

The best orthopedician in South Kolkata advises people suffering from bone or joint pain to seek expert help immediately to improve their orthopedic health.