Dental implants are artificial structures that are inserted by a dentist to replace a damaged or missing tooth. This procedure is therefore done to improve your oral function. Below, dentists from the best hospital in South Kolkata discuss the benefits of dental implants.

Top benefits of getting dental implants

  • Prevents bone loss

Your jawbone is able to maintain its mass when your teeth remain connected. When you lose any teeth, it makes you lose bone mass in your jaw. Dental implants are the most suitable tooth replacement option that helps your jawbone to retain its mass and prevent bone loss.

  • Matches natural teeth

Dental implants come in different shapes and sizes. Your dentist will design your dental implants to match the colour of your surrounding teeth and fit perfectly in the gap of your missing tooth. So, no one will be able to determine that it is not your natural tooth.

  • Restores your appearance

As discussed earlier, a missing tooth can cause jaw bone loss. It can thus reshape your face and bring changes to your appearance. To avoid this, you can get dental implants to replace your missing teeth and maintain the structural integrity of the jaw.

  • Prevents cavities

Artificial teeth have to be cared for as they can otherwise cause the buildup of bacteria and infections. However, dental implants are made up of material that does not decay. So, you will never have to worry getting cavities when you have dental implants.

  • Restores the bite force

According to a study, implant-supported dentures of your lower jaw increase your bite force more than a set of traditional dentures.

  • Offers a permanent solution

Other tooth replacement structures have to be replaced and repaired periodically. However, dental implants are designed in a way that they can last for your entire life. So, if you need tooth replacement, you must consider getting dental implants.

  • Easy to maintain

You do not need to buy any separate products to care for and clean your dental implants. So, you will not need any special floss, cleansing tablets, or adhesives. You can just floss and brush the way you clean your natural teeth.

  • No slippage

Patients who have dentures often feel self-conscious when they are eating, speaking, or laughing in public, as these dental structures can slip. But dental implants are anchored firmly, so they will not slip.

Due to the aforementioned benefits, dental implants are the most suitable option for tooth replacement. You can search for a “dentist near me” and get your tooth replacement done with dental implants.