Before getting pregnant, it is important to consume a healthy diet rich in nutrition to reduce the chances of a high-risk pregnancy. However, there are certain factors that can cause a high-risk pregnancy – suggested by some of the best gynecologists in South Kolkata.

Causes of high-risk pregnancy:

  • Preeclampsia: It refers to a condition involving high blood pressure, changes in the blood levels of certain liver enzymes, and a rise in urinary protein during pregnancy. This can affect your brain, liver, and kidneys. With the help of the right treatment, several women can have healthy babies. However, if the condition is left untreated, it can become fatal for both the mother and baby. Eclampsia is a more severe kind of preeclampsia that causes the mother to be in a coma or experience seizures.
  • Gestational diabetes: Diabetes can occur in women during pregnancy, which is known as gestational diabetes. This can result in a high-risk pregnancy. By consulting the top gynecologist in South Kolkata, you can minimize the risks associated with this condition and have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Preterm labor: Preterm labor starts prior to the completion of thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy. As the baby is premature at this stage, it might not be able to live outside the mother’s womb. In this case, the gynecologist will try to prevent early labor so that you can have a full-term pregnancy.
  • HIV/AIDS: Both HIV and AIDS can damage and kill the cells of the immune system, progressively destroying the body’s ability to fight certain kinds of cancers and infections. Women can transmit these conditions to their babies during pregnancy, which can be fatal. However, there are certain effective ways by which one can prevent the transmission of these illnesses to the baby.
  • Medical conditions: Some medical conditions like high blood pressure, type I and type II diabetes, along with heart, kidney, and lung problems, can aggravate during a pregnancy. Hence, regular prenatal care is essential to ensure a high-risk free pregnancy for the mother.

Other contributing factors to high-risk pregnancy:

  • Age: Someone who is a teenager (or younger) or someone who is thirty-five years or older
  • Weight: Being obese or underweight before pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancies: Being pregnant with triplets, twins, or multiples
  • Previous complications in pregnancy: Going through premature labor in a previous pregnancy

If you identify with any of the above risk factors of high-risk pregnancy, make sure to consult with a gynecologist in South Kolkata. They will help suggest some effective treatments to manage your condition and ensure you have a healthy pregnancy.